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elinostervall said: hi gurl can you ship me? I'm 17 and 5"2(hehe fuq) I guess I'm kinda weird/awkward.. I love adventures and sleeping :] Mayday parade is the most played band in my phone and I'm pretty much worthless at all sports there are. oh and I'm swedish :)) (I love your blog so much and stalk it every day heheh I regret nothing)

Mikeyyy ;)
ily gorgeous!

Anonymous said: Can I have a ship please? X I have long wavy blonde hair, green eyes, and I'm 6'7 tall. My friends say I'm quite funny and bubbly once you get to know me, before you get to know me I might seem quite shy, I'm playing the guitar, I love playing soccer and I love music! Xx :)

Calum :)
ily sweetie!

Anonymous said: Can you ship me? I am 5'4 I have long straight dark brown hair w/ an ombre thing going on. I have light brown eyes. I'm a hip-hop/contemporary dancer, I'm also in the acting business(not like movies. Just commercials and print-ads), and I have 4 small dogs (:

aw, Cal of course :)
ily bby!

Anonymous said: Can you please ship me? I'm 5'5 with long curly brown hair with natural lighter highlights, my eyes are big and blue-grey, I love to dance and sing/play piano and a teensy bit of guitar, I'm really really awkward around people I don't know but I get really cuddly and loud/funny once I get to know you. I also love hugs a lot and baby animals (duh- who doesn't?) thanks!

Lukeee :D
ily hun!

beckie-launders-blog said: Hey, could you ship me please? I have long light brown hair, blue eyes with long eyelashes, I'm 5'3, I'm very confident about myself, I'm shy at first. I have my bottom lip pierced on the left. I'm quiet at times, I dont have a loud laugh, I tell good jokes, Im good at cheering people up, I love singing and acting....

Ashton ;)

Anonymous said: hi can you ship me? I have straight blonde hair. brown eyes. I'm kindaa pale but tan. I cheer. I draw. I sing. I'm pretty outgoing. when you first meet me I'm really awkward and shy. I like to think I'm cool but I'm really a big dork.

Mikey definitely :)

ily babe!

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Amnesia - Download

Beside You 2014 - Download

Don’t Stop - Download

18 - Download

Everything I Didn’t Say - Download

End Up Here - Download

Good Girls (are bad girls) - Download

Green Light - Download

Heartbreak Girl - Download

Kiss Me Kiss Me - Download

Long Way Home - Download

Lost Boy - Download

Never Be - Download

She Looks So Perfect - Download

Social Casualty - Download

Voodoo Doll - Download

English Love Affair - Download

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Anonymous said: Hey, could you please ship me? I've got dark, long curly hair and green eyes. I'm 5'4 and I make horrible jokes I laugh very loudly and people say I'm very confident and great at making people laugh. I'm very comfortable around anyone even if I don't know them them and I really really like Barack Obama, just thought I'd add that lol. Oh and I'm Australia but from Melbourne not Sydney so my accent is a little different to theirs :)

I could see you and Michael together bby :)


Anonymous said: do you know how tall each boy is?

Luke: 6”4 
Michael: 6”2
Calum: 6”2
Ashton: 6”1

so in conclusion they are all well over 6ft and I am v short compared to them😊

Anonymous said: hey can you ship me lol? I hve dirty blonde curly hair brown eyes im 5'3 I love punk rock, uhm I love movies and i suspiciously weird and i okay guitar , and i like pretty much any sport and I'm American haha idk what else to say but yeah

I could see you with Michael😊

Anonymous said: Can I have a shippp please? I'm 5"6, I have long, dark brown hair and big blue eyes, I have freckles around my nose. I can't sing or dance because I look like an idiot when I do either. I play basketball, soccer and I run, I love watching and playing sports. I've been told I'm sarcastic and sassy. I love making people laugh and smile. I'm very outgoing and I love meeting new people. I love spending time with my friends and family. Btw I lovvveeee you.

I could see you with Ashton definitely😄
and I lovveeeee you too!😘

jarjarbinkses said: Could I have a ship maybe? I'm 5'2 1/2, have extremely curly brown hair and blue-grey eyes. I play five sports, am in a band and play guitar and piano. I suck at singing. I love my x-box and pizza. And I love books. Superwholock for life lol. Thanks!

aw I could see you with Calum hun😁

Anonymous said: do you have a master list?? x

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make one actually 🙊
I’m not very technologically inclined, so it’ll take me a while to get it. but I am working on it 😊
love you babe!

// Updates//

hey guys, I know I’ve been MIA for a little bit. My summer has been crazy and I’ve had little to no time to write anything. But I promise I’m going to start up again and be as active as I used to be.

and i don’t know if any of you guys know about the whole 4Chan issue. but if i do end up getting hacked please stick with me okay? it’s not going to be a fun process, but I’ll try to get my account under control as soon as possible.

I love you guys! be prepared for more writing and preferences in the future! xx

Anonymous said: i hate to say it but I honestly don't think any of the boys would date a girl of color. and that kind of sucks :/

Why would you say that babe? :(
Calum once said he thought Spanish accents were sexy, so he definitely likes girls with color..

ily guys